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a legacy of campaigning

The Association has a legacy of campaigning for improved rights for military personnel - often represented by the Chief Executive. 

Our Blesma Support Officers (BSOs) represent the interests of the individual Members they support.  They ensure local statutory services are delivered. They will deal with local authorities on behalf of our Members.  They help a Member get the best out of prosthetic limb services - they will sort out benefits and pensions.

Our Headquarters team will represent the collective interests of the Membership at large.  We have a long and proud track record in seeking and achieving improvements in the War Pension, in the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, in improvements in prosthetic services so that our Members are able to be as mobile as possible - thus able to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Representation has always been a vital part of Blesma's work.

Representation on boards include:

    • The Central Advisory Committee for Service Pensions and Compensation (CAC)

    • The COBSEO Executive Committee - The Confederation of Service Charities

    • The Independent Medical Expert Group (as a lay member),

    • The Executive Committee of Veterans Scotland

    • Motability - Board of Governors

    • The Associated Parliamentary Limb Loss Group

    • The British Members Council of the World Veterans Federation

In broader context we play a role and consult widely with:

    • Veterans Advisory and  Pension  Committees nationwide

    • The Association retains a close relationship with the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA)

    • NHS Armed Forces Networks and NHS regional bodies

    • Prosthetic Providers