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Including a gift in your Will regardless of the size, will help Blesma provide lifelong support to limbless and injured veterans.  


One in five of our limbless and injured veterans are supported thanks to gifts in Wills. 

Fill out the form below to access our Free Gifts In Wills guide and learn more about leaving a lasting legacy to Blesma.


 Why Cyril decided to leave a gift in his Will to Blesma

Cyril, a former Royal Logistics Corps soldier who lost his right leg in a traffic accident, has been a Blesma Member for more than 30 years. He credits the Association with helping him and his wife Hazel, 83, enjoy a fuller life. As a result, he decided to leave a gift in his Will to Blesma to show his appreciation.

It was originally an advert in a newspaper which led Cyril to the 'Blesma family'. He originally contacted Blesma for some advice about accessing a disabled rail card as he approached retirement. But the call actually led to Blesma officials guiding him towards a war pension that had been denied after he was involved in a horror motorbike crash leaving camp for Easter leave. 

With a Will you always look after your family first but it is good and fitting to remember those that have helped you and Blesma has certainly done that. They are a good place to consider.

Cyril Hzael
Cyril had no idea he was entitled to a war pension until he spoke to Blesma decades after his injury during national service. To say thanks he decided he would leave a gift in his Will to Blesma.

Blesma has partnered with two Will writing services, enabling you to write or amend your Will for free.

Octopus Legacy

Write Your Will Online With Octopus Legacy

Write your Will online (the process takes 30 minutes). Your Will is then checked by the Octopus Legacy team of solicitors before signing.

Use code BLESMAFREE at the checkout to complete the process free of charge.

Please note that due to differences in probate law, the online service is only available in England and Wales. If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can still use Octopus Legacy's telephone or face to face service to write your Will.

Please contact the Octopus Legacy team on 0800 773 4014

The National Free Wills Network

Request A Free Legacy Pack

Meet with a qualified solicitor in your local area who will help you write your Will. Request a charity free wills pack here.

Need support?

Please contact us on 020 8548 7085 or email legacies@blesma.org

Contact our Legacy team directly

Our Legacy team are here to help if you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will to Blesma.

You can email us at legacies@blesma.org, phone us on 020 8548 7085 or write to us directly at Legacies, Blesma, The Limbless Veterans,115 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0QT.

Why should I leave a gift to Blesma?

You can be sure that any contributions you make will go towards supporting our limbless veterans and their families, for life. Choosing to leave a gift to Blesma will cost you nothing and will not affect you now. Any gifts you choose to leave will be handled sensitively and respectfully.

With your support, as long as there is a service person that has lost a limb, the use of a limb or has lost vision during service or after, we will be there to help them.

Can I have a say in where my gift is used?

Yes, of course.  If there is an area of our work you would particularly like to support, please get in touch with us to discuss your wishes in more detail.

You can call 020 8548 7085 or email us at legacies@blesma.org

Your wishes are very important to us, so if you would like your loved ones to be involved in deciding how your gift should be used, we are very happy to help.

Does the size of my gift matter?

Every gift we receive from all our supporters – large or small – is important to us and contributes towards changing the lives of injured veterans and their dependants. Even a small percentage of your estate can make a big difference to us, whilst safeguarding both your intentions and your loved one’s interests.

What if I change my mind?

You can change your mind about a gift in your Will at any time.

What will it cost to write a Will?

Our free will writing services enable individuals and couples who support Blesma to have their Will(s) written or amended free of charge. 

Octopus Legacy

Start writing your Will online here, and simply use the code BLESMAFREE at the checkout to complete your online Will free of charge.

The National Free Wills Network -

The National Free Wills Network enables individuals and couples who support Blesma to have their Will(s) written or amended free of charge, using qualified solicitors local to them.

The free service applies to the writing of ‘Simple Wills’, in other words Wills that do not deal with complex issues. The offer also includes ‘Mirror Wills’ for couples.

What types of gifts in Wills are there?

There are three types of gifts you can choose to leave Blesma:

A residuary legacy: This is the sum of money left after specific requests, debts and tax and any funeral costs have been paid.

A pecuniary legacy: This is a specified sum of money.

A specific legacy: This is a gift of a particular item, this can then be used or sold as appropriate by the recipient.

What information will I need to give my Solicitor?

All gifts in Wills should be left to Blesma and must use our registered charity numbers 1084189 and SC010315 and the correct registered address: British Limbless Ex-Servicemen Association, 115 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0QT

Your solicitor will advise on the specific wording you need to use for different types of gifts.

Can I change my existing Will to leave a gift to Blesma?

If you already have a Will and wish to leave a gift to aid the work we do, please contact us on 020 8548 7085 or at legacies@blesma.org. and we will send you a Codicil Form.  Just place this form with the original version of your Will.  You will not need to prepare a new Will, but it’s worth advising your next of kin of your decision.

If you do not have a Will or would prefer to ament your Will using the expertise of a solicitor, you can arrange this through our Free Will Writing Service.

What about inheritance tax?

In order to review your personal tax situation, we recommend that you consult your solicitor when making changes to your Will.

The government sets the inheritance tax threshold, so this is subject to change. If your estate is liable to attract inheritance tax, leaving a gift to charity can have the effect of reducing the overall tax burden on family and friends.

Do I need to let you know if I decide to leave a gift in my Will?

You don’t have to tell us your decision; although we’d love to have the opportunity to say thank you.