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The Blesma News for 2024 covering news, activities and fundraising events for limbless veterans. 

  • Blesma Members Cayle Royce and Neil Heritage take a 2,000km expedition into the unknown

    Cayle Royce and Neil Heritage
    30 April 2024

    Sheer cliffs, snow-capped mountains, dense rainforests and treacherous glacial currents keep the senses on full alert as Members Cayle Royce and Neil Heritage kayak the 2,000km along the Canadian and Pacific North West coastline. They often spend their days paddling with killer whales and seals for close company, 100kg of kit crammed into their finely-balanced kayaks, while wolves and grizzly bears roam the nearby forests and shores, making setting up camp each n

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  • Remembering Henry Wuga: Hope and humanity always shine through

    Henry Wuga and his wife Ingrid
    26 March 2024

    We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Henry Wuga, who has passed away at the age of 100. From escaping Nazi Germany to his arrest in the UK for being a spy, Henry Wuga experienced a great deal in the 100 years he was alive. Henry will be greatly missed by Blesma and all those who knew him.  The windows of Henry Wuga's home rattled and the air pulsated with shouts and offensive songs as the Nazi stormtroopers marched through the streets below. 15-year-old Henry and his family watched wide-eyed as a savage frenzy descended

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  • How Blesma is helping Ukraine’s limbless veterans

    How Blesma is helping Ukraine’s limbless veterans
    15 March 2024

    SEVERAL BLESMA MEMBERS HAVE SPENT TIME WITH WOUNDED UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS TO OFFER SUPPORT AND ADVICE ON REHAB AND COMING TO TERMS WITH LIMB LOSS. THE CONVERSATIONS WERE RECORDED AND TURNED INTO POWERFUL SHORT FILMS. Blesma Members have given their time to share their stories of resilience and rehab with Ukrainian soldiers coping with battlefield limb loss and injury. Members Mark Ormrod MBE and Stephan van Niekerk were linked up with two Ukrainian soldiers to share experiences and advice about their journeys after s

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  • Ryan Thomas served in the Royal Navy when his aorta ruptured, causing a life-changing stroke

    11 March 2024

    RYAN THOMAS WAS A SURGEON LIEUTENANT COMMANDER IN THE ROYAL NAVY WHEN HIS AORTA RUPTURED CAUSING A LIFE-CHANGING STROKE. HIS WIFE, LIZ, LEFT HER CAREER TO STEER THEIR YOUNG FAMILY THROUGH WHATEVER CAME NEXT. Fast, cool and wow!” Ryan Thomas’ face lights up with a smile as he recalls the sweeping runs of La Plagne and the challenge of improving his sit-ski technique. “The food and hotel were great, too. It was all so good.” Ryan has aphasia so his speech is not fluent, but the joy that radiates from him as he talks is obvious. He has recently

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